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Hoop & Grapes, Farringdon. Archive Image


The Hoop and Grapes was built in 1721 on part of the historic burial grounds of St Bride's Church. As an inn, it gained notoriety as a location for illegitimate Fleet weddings.

In the 1990s, it underwent several changes and was eventually closed down and scheduled for demolition. However, as the last surviving pub with a history of Fleet weddings, the pub was given a stay of execution and became a Grade II listed building.

Shepherd Neame later purchased the Hoop & Grapes and reopened it under its original name. During the renovation works, the burial remains from St Bride's Church were discovered and many bodies found there were moved into the British Museum. 

These gruesome discoveries led to rumours of the Hoop & Grapes being haunted - rumours which persist to this day.